Nicholas Teo with Lucky Number 8

Nicholas Teo, also known as Nicholas Zhang, is a Malaysian Chinese singer who signed on to Taiwan’s Play Music. Nicholas won the song’s first, initially by Zhou Chuanxiong sing. This led to Nicholas in 2003 with the music street signed a contract in Taiwan. Number 8 is considered lucky number of him, because of music life concerned numbers. Is that lụcky number in toto4d lottery?

Nicholas Teo made him come back in three years

August 7, 2015, Nicholas in the continuous shooting of his idol drama “K Song Lover” and “Lady Maid ” 8 months later, from his “long vacation” back. When his management contract was over, he decided to take a short break with a job he had never had before. He went to New York for three months during the holidays. He released a new book, launched his new mini album “holiday.” The 35-year-old Kuching-born artist, known as Zhang Dongliang’s Mandarin, says he can only go to New York for two months and return to Taiwan to sign a contract and start working again. “But somehow it did not happen. I was actually in a contract in front of me in the room, but I pulled it out at the last minute,” he recalls. According to Teo, he did not sign because the man who helped get the contract in the first place left the company, and because she was his most trusted, he decided to withdraw the contract for the time being.

His Lucky Number 8 – What’s the point?

We look for lucky number to have real money that big come in our life, by way finding toto 4d result history. And, each numbers has different meaning. Lucky numbers 8 people have strong intuition and insight, so they have the potential to explore the undiscovered things. In general, they are given special gifts as an innate businessman and can implement all their plans step by step. They are usually gentle and honest with others. Their characteristics will never lead to debates with others or lead them to depression.

However, in order to avoid harming the people around them, they always hide their true feelings, whether they are sad or happy. It is their advantage to learn more frankly in communicating with others than to consider more disappointing or encouraging aspects, to speak frankly about their true feelings, as this can make them more popular . Because Ba (Chinese of Ba) has a pronounced pronunciation (Fa, meaning wealth or wealth), this figure is welcomed by the Chinese people. The eighth day of the eighth month of 2008, eight in the 8 o’clock start of the Beijing Olympic Games, the popularity of eight people is obvious. When people select phone numbers, cell phone numbers, house numbers, car identification numbers, and important dates, 8 is usually the first choice. In modern China, digital language has been very popular, especially on the Internet. For example, 518 with Wo Yao Fa’s broad pronunciation means that I want to be very rich. 886, Chinese Pronunciation Ba Ba Liu Goodbye in English, often using “Goodbye” or “See you later” in real-time chat over the Internet. In the same way, 84 (pronounced Ba Si) means the Internet lingo “bus”, or “no” sound similar to Bu Shi denies Chinese. In addition to meaning of numbers in 4d toto malaysia, some unique Chinese expressions are formed with 8. Here are some examples:

  1. Birthday and character (8 is the Chinese pronunciation Ba) refers to the person’s birthday and according to the constellation of eight characters. In ancient China, based on this information, fortune-tellers can calculate the fate of a person.
  2. Bagua: On the one hand, it refers to eight figures, a series of ancient Chinese philosophies and symbols of astrology. It is derived from the book of change (I Ching). On the other hand, it has some modern meaning of bamboo telegram, some private information of stars, or describe a person who likes gossip.
  3. Babai Relations: In ancient China, it used to mean regulating the etiquette rules of young people for their predecessors and friendships. It also describes the friendship between sworn brothers or sisters.
  4. Eight barrels of talent: This is used to express a broad knowledge or extraordinary talent.

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