Your hand line talk to your lucky life

We look for the success instruction that is displayed on the palm of your hand. On your hands, the success line supports the FATE line. It can be two separate lines, or it can be a line, divided into two lines, both vertically upward along the palm of your hand. When there is only one line, it is considered a success line, which indicates that the person can easily get the wealth. And check 4d past result at 4DTREASURE!

Find the success of your palm in your hand

The ideal success line is straight, significant and thin. It ought to reach out from the base of the palm of your hand and to one side until the base of the third (next to the little finger). This is your Sun Star. When the lines are intact and well formed, it represents success from the young and one who will not have financial worries. The long success line extending from the Venus star (also known as the Venus located within the arc formed by the LIFE line) to the SUN star is a reliable indication of the great success, wealth and splendor of the show.

Sun (Apollo) Line – fame, luck and fortune

The Sun or Apollo line in the Palmistry Sun or Apollo line is the sister line of the fate line.

The solar system’s prediction raises the existing fate line. A strong solar line always compensates for a weak or non-existent fate line.

In the field of art, music and writers, many well-known people can have strong sunlight. The sun line expresses love for all the creative arts and beautiful things. This line can also indicate the possibility of not having work for wealth, such as inherited money, or possibly winning a lottery, as well as happiness and good luck. If this line does not exist, it shows that this person may have a variety of good qualities, but their lives will be unrecognizable. Many palms do not show this line until half the hand. This may mean that the person will eventually receive the recognition they deserve in the rest of their lives.

There is no sun line, a person to lead an ordinary life, without any name and reputation. Usually the fate line expresses one’s luck, but he can be lucky without the fate line if he has a deep, straight, intact, uncut solar line. The star on the sun indicates that at that age (where it exists) the heavy positive energy that will erupt, gives the fame that will last after his death. The island on the sun line indicates the period of frustration, the scissors indicate obstacles on the career path, and the dot indicates the envy of your enemies of fame. Let’s see something about sandakan 4d!

The sun dropped from the bottom of the ring finger to just above the wrist: the lucky one

There is no sun: no name and fame and wealth

The end of the sun line in the heart: the generous ous people

The end of the sun line in the first line: scholars, smart wisdom

The sun line ends at the fate line: popularity at that age

The sun line toward Saturn mount: Bad name

Double sun lines bent toward Saturn: bad signs like the previous one

A good fate line, but a little or no sun: good life, but no reputation

The end of the sun line in the lifeline: a famous person

Sun line to the moon: a popular leader, singer, actor and so on

The Sun Line goes to the second Mars: a senior military or police officer

The sun stops at the plains of Mars: people need to struggle for prosperity

The sun line at the beginning or the end of the same as the fork separated: a happy and rich life

The sun line looks like a chain: education barriers, fame and so on

The Blank on the Sun: Jack of all trades, but no owner

Cross in the sun: very bad signs of collapse and reputation, the loss of depression

Sun on the constellation: very lucky to get the help of friends

The island signs on the sun: the trouble of reputation and wealth

Wave of the sun: learning people, but not wise

From the line of the main Mars cut off the sun line: may become the subject of cheating relatives

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